Tasting the finest butters, sugars, milks and more in my pastries doesn’t necessarily make them better than other pastries. But, believe it or not, here's why I know Love is the difference.

For as long as I can remember, I've been infatuated with baking. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, I was bathed in country cuisine. All the church picnics, parents' catered dinner parties, and the many unbelievable desserts of local restaurants captivated me.

As I grew, I learned to cook and bake from my Aunt "Cissy," who was an incredible southern cook. My time spent with her paid off when I won first place in my high school baking contest with a 3-layer spice cake.

When I went to college I soon learned it was not for me. But in 1974, I met the love of my life - a Texan named Mackey Barnes. We married and when we began to have children, I knew I wanted to prepare and serve only the best for our growing family.

And grow they did - four girls and a boy. All went to college, and when the youngest graduated, Mackey turned to me and said, "Now it is your turn to get a degree." In 2007, I graduated with a college degree in Pastry (with honors). From there, I started this company.

You see, Pastries By Madolyn is more than a place for sweets.
It is my love-filled life baked into each and every bite.